Scouts . . .

Let us host your Scout troop!
Whether earning a merit badge or on a "Just for Fun" outing, scouts have a blast at Color Me Mine!

Our programs are tailored to all ages (leaders need to have fun too!), boys or girls, and include three different mediums - ceramics, clay and glass.

Each program includes up to 1-1/2 hours in our Party Room and a Kiln Room VIP tour where scouts learn "What happens next..."


Ceramic Projects:
We provide ceramic piece, all supplies, basic instruction, ideas, a little coaching and a lot of encouragement! $4 Studio Fee (normally $7-10) + cost of piece. We have great pieces ranging $11-13.

We lead the troop thru a specific project, step-by-step, with learning objectives custom tailored to your needs. $6 Studio Fee + cost of piece.

Clay Projects:
We focus on Clay Puzzling - a fun, simple technique that allows for more sophisticated projects than the customary coil pots. :)

Cost varies depending on clay project. Our clay frames ($16 flat fee/artist) are very popular with troops and make great gifts. Check out these fun frames. Included with the finished project was a photo of each Scout creating their frame!

Glass Projects:
Everyone loves working with glass and Scouts are no exception! It's fun, safe, and you get stunning results. Each artist learns the techniques of layering glass for fusing and the many different types, shapes and colors of glass. No glass cutting required!

Each artist gets to make their very own fused glass project! They choose between...
- a Night Light,
- a 4î Hanging Sun-tile or Coaster, or
- 2 Ornaments or Magnets

Use our fun, bright Party Room for your next Leaders' meeting, NO CHARGE!
It's just our way to support your phenomenal efforts. We know being a Leader is hard work!

Now, if you get tempted to play and must create, we won't judge. Hey, we'll even support you with a $4 reduced studio fee.

Scheduling is limited to weekdays, during business hours and is based on availability. Meetings must not exceed 1-1/2 hours. Call our studio to check room availability.

Studio Address & Phone:
Color Me Mine
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Anchorage, Alaska 99518

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Studio Hours:
Sunday 11am- 7pm
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